On May 10th, BISSAP BAOBAB'S TERANGA FUNDRAISER will be in support of Blackbuster films as they showcase the new work of Oakland based filmmaker, Jehnovah Carlisle.

A Blackbuster Film Screening + Benefit

7pm - 9:30pm

>>> 8 pm Showtime <<<

$5.00 suggested donation. NOTAFLOF.

$10.00 entry + raffle ticket
Live Painting by James Shields http://www.creativeshields.com/


The Man Who Feared
A fictional short narrative that delves into the life of GARRET WESTERVILLE, 29, white, techie, who has recently moved into the district of West Oakland, California, a predominantly black community. His daily jog from his home to a nearby lake is disrupted by an unexpected encounter with a member from his neighborhood, a precarious moment that leads to the persecution of an innocent man.

Learn more here: https://www.themanwhofeared.com/


A film project devoted to showcasing visual works from or about people of African descent. Blackbuster is an outlet for the black imagination. Through an array of activities and events, Blackbuster highlights the black perspective in media.


Mission Statement:

We strive to work collectively with filmmakers to create a system that will accrue funds for the development and showcasing of themed projects.


The purpose of this endeavor is to create a platform for filmmakers to fund, create, and showcase their work to an international audience. This process is merely in the embryonic stages of a full fledged, self sustaining, film-a-thon that we hope to establish in the near future.



Instagram @blackbusterfilms


If you cannot make the screening, you can also support Blackbuster Films by donating directly to this crowdfuding campaign to help filmmaker Benjamin Michel's current project: https://www.gofundme.com/i-am-a-god-film-funding

Immediate funding goals:
Funds for film festival submissions ($300)

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Join us for dinner at Bissap Baobab Oakland before the screening!
RSVP with Open Table here: https://www.opentable.com/bissap-baobab-oakland

Bissap Baobab Oakland brings the savory, succulent flavors of Senegal to Oakland, California. Our menu consists of traditional Senegalese cuisine and West African-California fusion specialties.

Choose from a full range of gourmet African dishes, including avocat créole, yassa, mafe, ceebu jen, and dessert crépes. Our newest addition, Afro Wraps, are our version of a West African burrito. Then wash it all down with one of our homemade juices: hibiscus, tamarind, or ginger. We also squeeze our own juice blends, so drop in to see the flavor of the day!

More than just a restaurant, Bissap Baobab Oakland is a community center, with a laid back, yet distinctly cosmopolitan, worldly vibe which upholds the concept of an African village.

Our name is a tribute to the meaningful symbol of life, community, and culture in Africa -- the Baobab tree.