SAT| 04.21.18 Elements!

Dancer-turned DJ, Patrick Wilson is known around the globe & locally as a LEGEND in the Soulful House community. Nina Sol's genre-bending sound always elevates the crowd and keeps them moving. Whether it is Paradise Garage inspired classics, soulful house rooted in gospel, R&B, funk & jazz, or South African house and Afrobeat, Cuban Rumba, Deep and Tech House and everything in between... this mighty pair brings you an unparalleled experience that stays rooted in the underground black expression of soulful dance music.

Come out & dance & vibe with us! Much ♥!

SATRUDAY, April 21st
10PM - Till

Nina Sol & Patrick Wilson
Every 3rd Saturday @
Bissap Baobab Oakland
381 15th St,
Oakland, CA 94612
$5 Cover All Night
Boomin' Sound courtesy of Vivencio Peralta & Paul Psoul!


Just in case you missed us last month, check out what folks are saying about the ELEMENTS of the party:

"Love this party for consistently bringing deep house vibes where every element is truly represented...felt that earth energy seeing some beautiful souls haven’t seen for a while...water element when the sweat start flowing 😅, that Fiyah element was present all night...air element when my two step gets right and I catch a little air, and the ether element was felt through the loving and liberating vibrations permeating through the crowd."