Big Shout Out to our SAN FRANCISCO fans!

The Rhythm Cafe, Oakland's No. 1 World Percussion Band, is playing across the Bay, in our former home, the Mission District of SAN FRANCISCO, for a Hands-in-the-Air DRUM THROWDOWN!

The Rhythm Cafe's All-Star drummers Ben Isaacs, Javier Navarrette, Bobby Wallace, Patricio Angulo and Jesse Weber have performed with music legends Airto Moreira, Ricardo Lemvo, Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Riatt, Pancho Sanchez and Many, Many, Many More!

This 5-drummer band is joined by guest vocalist/rapper VISUAL EYEZ for an Only-in-the-Bay-Area sound blending the music of Cuba, Guinee, New Orleans, Oakland and Brazil.

Explosive and creative, the Rhythm Cafe is excited to share it's energy and LOVE of PERCUSSION with our brothers and sisters in S F . Followed by PARIS-to-DAKAR International Dance Party.