Oakland's renowned Percussion Band ** RHYTHM CAFE ** brings it's AFRO-HOUSE mix of live beats, hiphop and world funk to The City.

Anchored by East Bay Percussion stalwarts BEN ISAACS (Djaily Kunda Kouyate), PATRICIO ANGULO (Rumbache), and BOBBY WALLACE (Margareth Menezes), and joined harmonically by Oakland's HipHop Poet VALENTINO (Afro-Samurai), the RHYTHM CAFE is ready to BAPTISE you in the Beat.

Trance rhythms, Afro-House Dance Energy, Enter the World of the Drum. (Bring the water.)

DJ I-CUE shares the night and deep groove with dance tracks from Puerto Rico, Angola, NYC and Rio de Janeiro.

Baptised by the Beat.
Sprits Speak and Minds Release.