Misión Flamenca is delighted to start the year fresh, featuring young flamenco dancers from the Marin Preparatory School under the guidance of Kerensa deMars, renowned San Francisco based flamenco dancer, choreographer and instructor.

The young generation of flamenco dancers who are performing with us spent one week in Sevilla this summer, studying with local instructors, being fully immersed in the local flamenco culture, learning how to sing, practicing rhythms, dance and language. The young dancers and parents were super troopers during a heatwave of 107F.

We are looking forward to sharing the stage with local Bay Area dancer and artistic director of San Francisco Dance Company Kerensa DeMars al baile, Azriel Goldschmidt al cante and Roberto Aguilar al toque. This month we are also welcoming guest cuadro dancer Maria Sanchez to the stage. Come join us for an intimate flamenco performance in the Mission at Bissap Baobab Saturday March 9th.  

Book your evening with a ticket to the show and dinner, show starts earlier this month at6:30PM. We invite everyone to participate in our buleria fin de fiesta at the end of the show. Stay and let your hair down to dance to Bissap's awesome club music after the show.

Special dinner & show package for $35
Special dinner package includes good seats to the show, one appetizer and one entrée. 
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