Rodeo Girls are bringing you histerics!

What is Rodeo Girls Comedy? It's a group of outlaws who banded together to become the funniest outliers in the world. The Rodeo Girls do not give a damn and their jokes are the wildest in the west. Think Waylon Effin Jennings when he teamed up with Johnny Cash to make the best outlaw country there ever was. This is outlaw comedy, this is Rodeo Girls.

Featuring a lineup of rotating comedians from the Bay Area and beyond. Rodeo Girls brings you the best ineup of comedians every last Tuesday of the month.

In San Francisco, the land of outrageous prices, this big comedy show is FREE! Yes, FREE! What a steal- most of these comedians are on their way to selling out stadiums, so you wanna catch them before it is too late. Donations welcome, but not required.

Bissap Beobab is San Francisco's premier Senegalese restaurant and dance club. Come for the food and laughs, stay for the dance party!

Questions about the menu, reservations and how to find the perfect 10? All these answers can be answered at Bissap Baobab's website:!contact/c1z0x

Bissap Baobab is close to the 16th and Mission Bart Stop and is a direct stop for Muni line 24.