"Teranga" in Wolof means hospitality. For us, it is a way of life: inviting our community into our home for camaraderie and acceptance. 

In service of our community, Bissap Baobab invites non-profit organizations to host a fundraiser at either our San Francisco or Oakland locations during dinner hours. On the night of your Teranga, Bissap Baobab will donate a portion of the dinner floor sales to your organization or cause.



The caravane was born out of popular demand and from the desire to share our Teranga/fundraiser concept in new places and meet new people. We are bringing our spicy vibes on the road, as we want to continue developing lasting relationships with conscious makers, entertainers, thinkers, and members of diverse communities who feel the call to participate in building with us a global village made of Teranga.

Bissap Baobab Caravane is a collective of travelling performers : djs, cooks, dancers, and other creators, who bring their Teranga to places (Teranga is a Wolof term and an African concept that signifies hospitality). We are coming to you to share the seeds of our African hospitality; and for us camaraderie and acceptance are a way of life. Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said “Africans believe in something that is difficult to render in English (...) It embraces compassion and toughness. It recognizes that my humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. – “ Hence, because together we are stronger, we aim to support local organizations and people who are working with the arts, with the youth, with the elderly, and with the global community.

We are energized by the desire to create a village that promotes new collaborations for the sake to share our universal and spicy culture around signature-dishes, international-music, charismatic-live-entertainment, and a lively-time-together.

Our story:
Bissap Baobab is a San Francisco cultural institution that first opened its doors in the Mission district in 1996. Since then we have grown to build Bissap Baobab Village: with three venues in the Bay area and a whole community that we call our Baobab family. Each location holds a reputation for its uniqueness, for its spicy and flavorful Sénégalese dishes and signature cocktails, as well as for being an entertainment venue and a community center with broad multicultural avenues. Our way of living the Teranga/hospitality meets with a laid back, yet distinctly cosmopolitan, worldly vibe which upholds the concept of an African village. We feature weekly, monthly, and special events: from DJ parties; to live music and dance performances; to French language and World Cup meet-ups; to independent film screenings; art exhibitions; spoken word and poetry, and much, much more.

Please contact us  / email at TERANGACARAVANE@BISSAPBAOBAB.COM for further details about our Teranga.